The exhibition «I could have been to you» is a group show of 9 Czech photographers, who are guests of this year›s Artists› Residency (22nd – 31st August) at «Art Point – Gumno» in the village of Sloeshtica, which, at the same time celebrates 15th Anniversary.

The title of the exhibition and the initial thematic intention for the creative work of the Czechs artists comes from the poem of Petre M. Andreevski “I could have been to you” also known as “Praise of Demir Hisar”. The 27 photos that will be displayed in the exhibition are mainly taken in the area of the village of Sloeshtica and other villages i the upper Demir Hisar region.

The photographers: Tomáš Bonhard, Jana Kozáková, Roman Machek, Eva Mořická, Alena Nováková, Šimon Pikous, Gabriela Řeháková and František Rusek are led by their mentor, the photographer Jana Hunterová, which currently works on her PhD on photography.

Jasmina Kotevska, Mr.изложба-на-фотографии-пофалба-на-дем/пофалба-на-демир-хисар-низ-објекти/