Film Awakening – The Forum Marienbad Film Festival 2019











In a modest bouquet I will tie you up

The joint project of distance students of the Liberec School of Photography led by Jana Hunterova is now on display in the Lidové sady in Liberec.
All students were given one common theme – a set of ballads by Karel Jaromír Erben – and one basic condition – all photos must be taken with a mobile phone. Their task was not only photographic – each of them tried the role of curator, because he had to choose one of his classmates final set of photographs, prepare a poster and write an annotation.

The exhibition runs from 6 July to 25 August 2019.











A new Change (Home for disabled mothers and their children in st. Mary Magdalene Jiřetín) at festival Freedome











Film Awakening – Czech videosalon 2019

The regional round of the non-professional films competition Czech Videosalon 2019 – 3rd Place

The national round of the non-professional films competition Czech Videosalon 2019, Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic, Honorable Mention











Exhibition Cosplayers

Kino Radnice, Mírovo nám. 19, Jablonec nad Nisou

13. 2. – 31. 3. 2019











24HourProject in Peru











Strangers in Motion – winner of Slovak Press Photo 2018

Collaboration with  Frie J. Jacobs (Belgium), Mark Blickley, Joe Battista, Jenne Vath and Mary Alter (USA).

Production Free Cinema.

The film was nominated in the International categorii Short Film of Slovak Press Photo 2018.

“Atmospheric image from the New York subway. The mix of music and bustle trapped in tunnels below the city is combined with footage of passengers. Instead of developing the story, the author plays with the feelings of the audience and experiments with collages of painting, music and spoken words.”

Encontro de Rios – Urban Dialogues

Urban Dialogues

Amy Bassin – New York, USA
Aditi Kulkarni – Pune, India
Frie J. Jacobs – Zoersel, Belgium
Hidemi Shimura – Tokorozawa, Japan
Sonia Gil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Uma Ray – Kolkata, India
Jana Hunterová – Prague, Czech Republic

Curator – Sonia Gil
Co-curator – Mark Blickley

openning on the 30th of september, 18h

Exhibiting from 01/10 to 30/11

Our exhibition mirrors a global voyage undertaken by curious, international artists from around the world propelled towards the Tagus River via currents and streams joined together by the fluidity of ideas. Lisbon, once the world’s greatest capital of navigational exploration has become the 21st century port of call for the fleet of the four continent artists collective, Urban Dialogues.










We are here, Photofestival Blatná on the theme Freedom












I could have been to you at Demir Hisar, Macedonia

The exhibition «I could have been to you» is a group show of 9 Czech photographers, who are guests of this year›s Artists› Residency (22nd – 31st August) at «Art Point – Gumno» in the village of Sloeshtica, which, at the same time celebrates 15th Anniversary.

The title of the exhibition and the initial thematic intention for the creative work of the Czechs artists comes from the poem of Petre M. Andreevski “I could have been to you” also known as “Praise of Demir Hisar”. The 27 photos that will be displayed in the exhibition are mainly taken in the area of the village of Sloeshtica and other villages i the upper Demir Hisar region.

The photographers: Tomáš Bonhard, Jana Kozáková, Roman Machek, Eva Mořická, Alena Nováková, Šimon Pikous, Gabriela Řeháková and František Rusek are led by their mentor, the photographer Jana Hunterová, which currently works on her PhD on photography.

Jasmina Kotevska, Mr.изложба-на-фотографии-пофалба-на-дем/пофалба-на-демир-хисар-низ-објекти/