Film: DAY 43


České vize, National Round, Ústí nad Orlicí, 10/2020, Czech republic

ARSFilm, Kroměříž, 10/2020, Czech Republic

Rychnovská 8, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, 9/ 2020, Czech Republic

Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival, International online, 7/2020, UK

České vize, Regional Round CSNFT ČR for Prague, Ústi region and Liberec region, 5/2020, Czech republic

The First CORMAN Quarantine Film Festival, International online, 5/2020, USA














Slovakia 4/2020












Magazine Pravda

Slovakia 4/2020












Magazine iLeGaLiT


Project Uncanny Valley











The Exhibition of the Award Winning Photos at Slovak Press Photo 2019

Municipal Library of Piešťany, Piešťany. Slovakia

20.2. – 31.3. 2020











The Exhibition of winning photos at Slovak Press Photo 2019

Bratislava Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

31.10. – 31.12. 2019











1st Place in the International Category Mobile Phone Photography at Slovak Press Photo 2019 (with Jindřich Štreit)












Uncanny Valley, Photofestival Blatná on the theme Wild












Film Awakening – The Forum Marienbad Film Festival 2019











In a modest bouquet I will tie you up

The joint project of distance students of the Liberec School of Photography led by Jana Hunterova is now on display in the Lidové sady in Liberec.
All students were given one common theme – a set of ballads by Karel Jaromír Erben – and one basic condition – all photos must be taken with a mobile phone. Their task was not only photographic – each of them tried the role of curator, because he had to choose one of his classmates final set of photographs, prepare a poster and write an annotation.

The exhibition runs from 6 July to 25 August 2019.