Miss America (Miřenka Čechová, Martin Tvrdý), 2018

There are several NYC footage used in the Miss America “rap musical”.

Strangers in Motion

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Collaboration with  Frie J. Jacobs (Belgium), Mark Blickley, Joe Battista, Jenne Vath and Mary Alter (USA).

Production Free Cinema.

5. 9. 2017, Kasárna Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

The cracking concrete stairway practically reeks darkness.This is the entrance to the labyrinth.Step by step constantly downward until the sliver of sun that you always thought would be visible has finally disappeared and left nothing but the blinking of the dim artificial light broken by time.

Mary Alter, Subway series no. 2

Freighter (2012)


A virtual global video art collaboration with Frie. J. Jacobs (Belgium)


Somnabulist Soaring (2011)


Virtual collaboration with Amy Bassin (USA) and Frie J. Jacobs (Belgium).

2011   Boston Biennial Project 2011, 3rd Place

2011  The Biennial Projectat the 54th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

Omnia (2009)


Alexandria, Siwa, Egypt

Virtual collaboration with Uma Ray (India), Imad Khelfa (Algeria) and Mohammed Kareem (Egypt)